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Casual Fridays with Pro ABA Services

This week we are shining some light on the world of Behavioral Health Services. Pro ABA services is a new employer partner to the Tri-Co this year. Some of you may have connected with them at our Career Fair in January.

ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) is a research-based therapeutic approach grounded on the principles of human behavior and learning. ABA therapy programs help to increase an individual’s adaptive behaviors including language, communication, self-care, and social skills. It also helps to decrease problematic behaviors that affect learning and social integration or are harmful to the individual and others.

Today’s interview is with Amanda Rhoads a recruiting manager at Pro ABA Services.

Kelly Dougherty: Thanks for joining us, Amanda. Can you tell us a little something about Pro ABA that we wouldn’t already know?

Amanda Rhoads: Here at PRO ABA, we provide services through two different funding sources; IBHS (Intensive Behavioral Health Services) for ages 3-21 in home, school and community settings in addition to school-based services in school districts and intermediate units for students in grades K-12. We service Southeast, PA (Counties include Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware) and Northeast, PA (Counties include Luzerne and Lackawanna). 

KD: And what types of positions are you hiring for?

AR: While some of our opportunities require graduate degrees, our Personal Care Assistant, Behavior Technician, and Paraprofessional opportunities are great entry-level positions to get a foot in the door within the pediatric behavioral health field as we provide extensive ongoing training and support. We have current openings for Behavior Consultants, Behavior Technicians, Mental Health Technicians, Mobile Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Personal Care Assistants, and Paraprofessionals. Future positions could include School Psychologists, School Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, Special Education Teachers, and more. All of our open positions can be found here.

KD: Do you recruit all year round? And what opportunities would be open to all class years.

AR: We do recruit all year round. And, yes, our positions such as Personal Care Assistants, Behavior Technicians, and Paraprofessionals are great opportunities for all class years, especially for students looking to get their feet wet in working with children. All other positions do require a graduate degree.

KD: How are Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion supported and reflected in your practices at the organization.

AR: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are the core of who we are and part of our mission and vision. Everything we do is based on treating everyone equally and providing the support to help others achieve their goals. We offer training, continuing education, and professional development; clinically or administratively for any individual of any background. PRO ABA Services stands on values of collaboration, fairness, empathy, honesty and accountability. We believe that we are better because we are different. Our differences are our gifts. We understand that cultural differences are a true reflection of who we are and therefore, are essential to our talent to serve all families with care and responsibility. We believe that our culture of inclusion and appreciation for all employees is the pillar of an inclusive and successful service.

KD: Thank you for sharing that. What is your favorite part about working at Pro ABA

AR: In addition to our positive, supportive, and collaborative company culture, we understand the importance of personal and professional growth and work to create an individualized career path for each of our staff. We tailor professional growth towards areas of interest as we understand not everyone will have the same aspirations. The work that we do is also very rewarding as it is fulfilling to see the progress made with each of our clients and students.

KD: Sounds like a great place to work! Who can students contact or follow up with if they have any other questions?

AR: Amanda Rhoads (


By Kelly Dougherty
Kelly Dougherty Assistant Director, Employer Relations