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Creating a Video Resume

Next time you’re looking to capture the attention of a company you want to work for, consider creating a video resume. Video resumes are becoming more accepted by many companies, and yet it’s still an approach that very few job seekers fully embrace. Companies like Zappos have optional video submissions, and TikTok even created its own resume platform that allows candidates to submit TikTok resumes to companies who are hiring. Employers seem to be embracing video more than ever before, using it during the interview process for video applications, one-way interviews, and video interviews with prospective employees.

In this course, Madeline Mann helps you explore the untapped possibilities of a video resume. Find out more about the value of video as a resume format and why it’s quickly becoming a new norm. Learn how to plan, film, edit, submit, and feature your video resume. Work with Madeline to develop an action plan and commit to it in your job-hunting process.

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