This Excel series brings together essential Excel methods and techniques to help you quickly and successfully step into your career, irrespective of industry.

Whether you want to work for a non-profit, a large or small company, a startup, or become an entrepreneur, these Excel skills will elevate your professional capabilities so you can comfortably work through more challenging data-related tasks.

This workshop series is crafted to be ‘learning by doing’ while tackling real world scenarios, without having any prior work experience. In this program, students will:
Get acquainted with more advanced Excel formulas, functions, and techniques that are commonly used in reporting or data analysis tasks.
Learn efficient reporting techniques and calculations to blend, aggregate, and summarize results (SUMIFs, COUNTIFs, Cell Reference and Locking, VLOOKUP).
Conduct summarized analysis with Pivot Tables and build insightful visualizations working with Pivot Charts.
Establish data management best practices to handle data and create well-structured workbooks.
Use a variety of Excel tools and techniques to complete data-related deliverables

“I was able to use the newly learned excel skills and complete a 4-week assignment from my summer consulting internship in just 3 days, my boss was very pleased!”
Atticus Maloney, Economics ’22, Aesop Academy Student

“I felt incredibly empowered when we learned key industry programs and Excel beyond the elementary level. My career options have broadened thanks to Aesop Academy”
Vanessa Shehu, Biology ’22, Aesop Academy Student

“I was able to use the things I learned in the Aesop workshop during my interviews to show them my familiarity with Excel, how I was always looking to improve my technical skills, and how I was already more familiar with Excel than other candidates which I think gave me an edge during the interviewing process.”
Li Gordon-Washington, Mathematics ’23, Aesop Academy Student

“I really enjoyed the AESOP Excel Intensive and I learned a lot! Thanks so much for helping me build skills and my resume.”
Julia Hablak, Russian and Literature, Creative Writing ’21, Aesop Academy Student

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