Aesop Academy Virtual Learning: Excel Group Case Challenge

AESOP’s Group Project Case Experience is considered by students to be one of the ‘most enjoyable learning experiences’ offered. The group project case is a real-world Excel simulation where students work in teams to solve client problems. Utilizing the versatility of their learned Excel skills from internships, academics, or prior AESOP training sessions, students will have an opportunity to self-sufficiently take on client requests, manage multiple datasets, perform strategic analysis, and propose creative recommendations that resolve the client’s needs.

Applying and refreshing their abilities with Excel Data Analysis – students will gain the following experiences in this program:

Defining Client Requirements and Pursuing Data Analysis Tasks that Solve the Primary Objectives
Aggregating and Joining Multiple Datasets for Consolidated Data for a Structured Analysis
Summarize and Interpret Large Datasets via Excel to Provide Meaningful Insights Reflected in Intuitive Visualizations
Create Final Presentation with Team to Earn Rewards, Endorsements, and Professionally Written Bullets
Gain Soft Skill Experience (Collaboration, Leadership, Communication) that will Better Prepare Students for Common Real World Group Efforts

talented students continue to finish AESOP Academy programs as stronger pre-professionals confident in their abilities to tackle the organizational challenges of the modern day.

“Today marks one month since I started at CRA Consulting. I have been using the analytical skills I learned from AESOP almost every day and for that I’m very grateful. I had Excel training workshops at the firm and I felt like I breezed through most of them and felt comfortable learning more advanced functions.”
Toàn Cao ’22, Aesop Academy Student

“AESOP played a huge role in helping me secure the internship and become a successful intern… AESOP helped fill gaps that of my Math and Econ classes. Thank you for organizing AESOP sessions within the Bi-Co. I received a return offer as a full-time analyst!”
Edith L Jepkirui, Computer Science & Economics ’21, Aesop Academy Student

“The skills I learned in the Data Analytics Program were one of the main reasons I was able to secure a technology associate position before graduation despite having no formal experience as a technology analyst”
Abigail McFarland, Computer Science & Economics, Aesop Academy Student

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