Aesop Academy Virtual Learning: Tableau Basics

Tableau analytics, data visualizations, & dashboard development

Data is everywhere, and utilized by everyone – regardless of business size, industry, or department. Being able to confidently navigate, analyze, and strategically interpret data is a functional capability that many organizations strive to achieve with their employees or new hires.

New industry leading tools like Tableau are now designed to simplify the process of blending, aggregating, and analyzing data through intuitive visualizations and functions. In this series, students will learn the powerful tool of Tableau that helps quickly blend data sources to generate a simplified dashboard that multiple users can access to enable data analytics at scale for any organization. Through this ‘learn by doing’ workshop, students will:

Get Oriented with Tableau Functions and Features
Learn How to Import and Blend Data Sources
Build and Design Custom Dashboards According to End-User Preferences
Work with Different Tableau Charting and Formatting Techniques
Create Capabilities that Empower End Users with Strategic Insights and Drive Business Decisions
Through a series of real-world client scenarios, this program will cover the highly demanded technical skillset of producing analytics at scale in a data-driven world.

“The skills I learned in the Data Analytics Program were one of the main reasons I was able to secure a technology associate position before graduation despite having no formal experience as a technology analyst ”
Abigail McFarland, Computer Science & Economics, ’21, Aesop Academy Student

“I really enjoyed the session – everything was incredibly clear and digestible. I feel like I got a great grasp of Tableau in such a short amount of time”
Stefano Sanchez, Business ’24, Aesop Academy Student

“The courses gave me the skills to work with data and deeply analyze it, but also gave me the confidence and push I needed to get into the “real world”! My superiors were amazed at my ability to display data, interpret and explain it, and give recommendations based off of said data for a project they are considering for the future. I’m sure I would not have been able to put together a presentation that exceeded my employers’ expectations if it wasn’t for this course.”

Andrea Toledo Cortes, Economics ’22, Aesop Academy Student

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