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Through a premium subscription, LeetCode provides interview prep tailored to major companies and videos detailing different aspects of technology interviewing. …


Swarthmore’s Largest Tech and Entrepreneurship Club

SwatLink: Find Your People

SwatLink makes networking and mentoring that much easier. This closed, online networking and mentoring community facilitates natural connections between Swarthmore …

Mentra: A Neurodiversity Employment Network

Harnessing the cognitive strengths of Software, UX, and Data professionals

Based on extensive research with the Intellectual and Development community, …

Negotiating Software Engineering Offers

Negotiating software engineering offers. Advice will be most helpful for new grad students targeting major computer science companies, but some …

Internship Search

Practical guide to navigate your tech internship hunt by

Swarthmore Women+ in Computer Science

Our purpose is to create a supportive community for women in Computer Science as one way to change this trend.