Swarthmore Practice Interview Resources


●  Make an appointment for a Mock Interview with a career counselor via Handshake. Go to Career Center and click on Appointments.

●  BigInterview: Practice interview questions from anywhere. Students will need to register through BigInterview’s website. Here’s a guide to help get you started. Log in with your Swarthmore-sponsored email address.

●  Join the Mock Interviewing – Swatties Helping Swatties LinkedIn group.

●  Glassdoor: Provides organization and position-specific interview tips. Users can access Glassdoor through Handshake. Once logged into Handshake, look under “Career Center” then “Resources” for login info.


● Checkout LeetCode. Looking for some technical practice and interview prep? Leetcode offers a number of free resources for students looking for more structured tools and guides to assist them in learning more about technical processes.

Swarthmore has partnered with LeetCode to offer a limited number of premium subscriptions for upperclass students who are looking for more in-depth training and practice for technical interviews. As this is a pilot program, we are currently approving requests from junior and senior students who are in the interview prep process. To request a premium subscription code, please click here. Requests are reviewed and fulfilled on a first come first serve basis.

TECHNICAL Example Interview 

Describe a time when you had to present complex ideas and data to a non-technical audience.

Describe a situation where you had to go beyond routine analysis to find the underlying causes of problems and develop effective solutions 

Describe for me your typical participation in a team setting. For what advice or assistance do your fellow engineers or team members turn to you?

Describe the most significant written technical report or presentation that you had to complete.

What do you enjoy most/least about engineering? To what extent has your engineering background required you to be skilled in the analysis of technical reports or information?

What do you see as the most promising emerging technology in your field?


●  Wall Street Prep Student Passport Program: WSP provides finance technical and behavioral interview preparation as well as financial modeling. Email career@swarthmore.edu for access.


●  Management Consulted: Career Services provides students free access to MC resources including the Management Consulted school subscription platform featuring video courses and over 500 practice case interviews. It also includes a limited number of 1:1 case interview coaching session with a MC coach. Email career@swarthmore.edu for access As the number of 1:1 sessions is limited, Swarthmore is currently evaluating a number of other Consulting resources that will allow us to offer these similar experiences to more students. As we explore other opportunities, the below criteria will be used to determine whether or not a student is eligible for a 1:1 MC coaching session:

The student must be signed up with Management Consulted and must have take advantage of the video courses and practice cases.

The student must have successfully completed three mock interviews with our career counselors in the Career Services Office

The student must have shown overall growth and improvement in these mock interviews.

The student must have an upcoming case interview already scheduled.

If a student is requesting a 1:1 session, the above criteria will be evaluated by a member of our Career Services Team. Requests for 1:1 sessions, will be evaluated on a rolling basis

●  Case Interview Prep & Technical Interview Prep with Alumni: Log into Handshake for a list of alumni who have volunteered to provide help with case interviewing and software/technical interviews. Once logged into Handshake, look under “Career Center” then “Resources.”