What is Career Readiness?

The National Association of College and Employers (NACE), of which all Swarthmore Career Services staff are members, collects data from employers on many workplace topics. A task force of both college/university staff and employer members came together to create this career readiness guide to help students be aware of the skills that employers are seeking in the candidates they hire. Check it out in the link below and see where you are slaying it and where you can do a little more work to become the best candidate possible (i.e. career ready!).

For the skills where you need some more practice…think about where and how you can practice this semester! Would you like to level up your Communications Skills? Take on a social media or an outreach role within a student organization. Would you like to level up your Career & Self Development? Talk with Alumni Council members at the Alumni Student Career Networking event on campus. Would you like to advance your Critical Thinking skills? Apply to be a manager at the Crumb Cafe. To think through more options, stop in to Career Services and chat with a Career Fellow or make an appointment with a professional staff member.

Career Readiness — more details on the skills that help us contribute successfully in a workplace..

By Kristie Beucler
Kristie Beucler Associate Director, Career Education