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Negotiating an Offer

Attempting to negotiate and conducting those conversations well is great experience/practice and can yield positive results. Many candidates fear that negotiations will reflect negatively on their employment when, in fact, 90% of employers say they expect negotiations. Do note that many employers have standard starting salaries to ensure equity amongst candidates, so they may not be willing to negotiate with entry-level candidates as they have standard starting salaries to ensure equity amongst candidates. Use this community to review tips and tricks proven to provide the best tools when negotiating an offer!

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Steps to Negotiation

Up until this point, much of the job search process can feel out of your control, but the balance of power shifts once you receive your offer. It is important to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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What to Negotiate

When evaluating whether or not a position/company is the right fit for you, it is more than just salary that comes into play. Some other aspects to take into consideration: Employee benefits (medical, dental, employee health and wellness resources, vacation/sick time), Retirement (employee/employer contribution), Cost of living in place of employment, office culture/support, supervision and management, opportunity for growth, etc.

How to Spot Job and Internship Scams

Money scammers have found a new lucrative home – the job and internship seeker. Throughout the past academic year alone, thousands of fraudulent job offers and part-time employment scams have targeted the Swarthmore student community.  With increasingly sophisticated and effective methods …

By Claire Klieger
Claire Klieger Assistant Vice President & Executive Director
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Perks and Benefits 101: Explanations and Questions to Ask Before You Take the Job

Once you’ve found a job and company that you’re really excited about, salary might top your list of priorities. But while salary is important, it’s only part of the overall offer. To get the full scope of what you’ll really …

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Negotiating Beyond Salary | 14 Employee Benefits to Consider

It can seem that salary is to job value what location is to real estate—everything. While salary is, of course, an important factor when you’re considering a job offer, there are other perks to explore, as well.

Remember that compensation …

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How to Ask for A Raise, Promotion, or More Responsibility

The idea of asking for more responsibility or a raise may be a bit anxiety-inducing, but it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience!

As long as your asks are realistic, you should feel comfortable approaching your employer to share …

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7 Salary Negotiation Tips for a New Job

Negotiating your salary when you get a new job offer can be nerve-wracking. However, there are proven techniques that can help you effectively negotiate. And below are seven of these techniques that will go a long way toward improving your offer.

1. Find …

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Swarthmore & External Resources

Negotiating an Offer Guide

When evaluating whether or not a position/company is the right fit for you, it is more than just salary that …

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While money isn’t often the number one reason for joining the social-impact sector, it’s still important. If we’re spending our …

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