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Our Mission

Empowering Swarthmore students and alumni to discover possibilities and navigate fulfilling career pathways.

Our Values

A graphic connecting all of our values into one piece. "Career Services" is on the top left. At the center is "Do You" and starting clockwise, "Connect the Dots," "Get Messy," "Level Up."
A graphic connecting all of our values into one piece. “Career Services” is on the top left. At the center is “Do You” and starting clockwise, “Connect the Dots,” “Get Messy,” “Level Up.”
  • Get Messy
  • Do You
  • Connect the Dots
  • Level Up
  • Nurturing an atmosphere of curiosity about possibilities and boundless enthusiasm for experimentation/exploration through experiential learning.
    • Imagine possibilities
    • Explore broadly
    • Experiment with things that bring you joy
    Experiment with things that bring you joy

    How to get started:
    • Career exploration assessments
    • Get involved on campus – engage in and outside of the classroom! (e.g. extracurricular activities, volunteering, research, internships)
    • Career conversations with alumni
    • SwatWorks projects
  • Centering inclusion and belonging so that students and alumni can navigate fulfilling career – pathways that align with their values, interests, and strengths.
    • Lean into your authentic self
    • Identify your vallues and interests
    • Discover and embrace your strengths
    • Determine what gets your energized
    • Take ownership of creating your own career path

    How to get started:
    • Values exercises/activities – Stanford Meaningful Work kit
    • StrengthsQuest Assessment
    • Schedule an appointment with the Career Services’ staff
  • Prioritizing self-reflection and relationship building to foster growth and cultivate resilience.
    • Reflect on and learn from triumphs and challenges
    • Identify common themes
    • Gain insights and perspective through career conversations and mentorship
    • Illuminate transferrable skills from previous experiences
    • Own your story

    How to get started:
    • Map your lived experiences
    • Identify alumni of interest
    • Chat with the Career Services team or campus mentor
  • Encouraging lifelong learning and career readiness through skill development, articulation and innovation.
    • Gain experience
    • Develop career readiness through skill-building
    • Enhance resilience
    • Innovate – work smarter, not harder!

    How to get started:
    • LinkedIn Learning & AESOP Academy courses to develop skills
    • Values exercise
    • Forage self-guided virtual projects
    • Career Services workshops & events