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Educate the employer how Your Skills Meet Their NeedsShow; Don’t Tell, how you’re a perfect fit through clear, concise answers with examples.

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Interview Prep

Preparation is key to showing how you are perfect for the job!

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Types of Interviews

There are many kinds of interviews…Behavioral, Case, Finance and more.

What is a Technical Assessment?

A technical assessment can be part of a technical interview or something you do in addition to a technical interview. In rare cases, it’s given instead of a technical interview. But no matter what kind of technical assessment you take, …

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Marketing Your Student Employment Experiences

Do you have an on-campus job? Are you thinking about the best way to add that experience to your resume? And how to best showcase the skills you learned there in interviews?  Watch this workshop where Kristin Moore and I …

By Kristie Beucler
Kristie Beucler Associate Director, Career Education
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What Is a Panel Interview and How to Succeed in One

You’re invited to interview at your dream company. As you’re reviewing the information the recruiter sent, you notice you’re scheduled for a panel interview. And as you check further, you see you’re interviewing with multiple people. What the heck is …

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How to Answer: ‘Why Do You Think You Are Qualified for This Position?’

Answering “Why do you think you are qualified for this position?” is tricky, but it’s not a trick question. It’s tricky, as in, how do you sell yourself as the best candidate for the job without sounding like you’re bragging …

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Zoom Interview Attire: What (and What Not) to Wear

You’ve accepted your Zoom interview invite, but then the fear creeps in — what Zoom interview attire do you wear? In this guide, we’ll help you figure out what to wear for a virtual interview so you can look (and feel!) …

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Employer & Interview Insights

Swarthmore & External Resources

Big Interview

Big Interview is a system designed to meet you wherever you are. We combine a proven, step-by-step curriculum of expert …

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Interviewing Prep Guide
Guide To Gender-Neutral Attire

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