Career Services Summer Funding: Swarthmore Future Entrepreneur Program

Every summer, Career Services provides students with opportunities to participate in internships at local start-up companies. These opportunities are fully funded through Career Services: after students apply and interview directly with participating companies, the College provides selected students with $5,500 in summer funding support for 10 weeks. 

Hear from some of your Swarthmore peers about their SFEP experiences below!

“As an aspiring software engineer/product manager, my work at Social Ladder has given me invaluable insights into how tech startups run, and the intricacies of cross team collaboration that make it possible. One of the highlights from this summer was working on a creative project to gamify SocialLadder’s ambassador portal. This project taught me to think from the perspective of the users and showed me the importance of an iterative design process. Something I will incorporate into my personal engineering projects. This summer internship also provided me with the opportunity to build professional relationships with people working in a diverse set of roles. This has allowed me to build a long lasting mentor-mentee relationship with one of the product managers with similar interests to mine.”

– Aarushi Sachdeva ’24 | SocialLadder

“What made Clutch particularly remarkable was the acknowledgement and appreciation I received from my colleagues as a valuable individual, which in turn motivated me to offer insights and be more engaged in various projects. The supportive environment and encouragement to contribute made me feel like an integral part of the team rather than just another intern overwhelmed with busy work. Overall, my experience at Clutch was an educational journey of exploration and growth, where I found my passion for customer-facing roles and experienced the true value of a dynamic and collaborative startup culture.”

– Amane Miura ’25 | Clutch

“Through 10 weeks of project-based, hands-on learning I was able to receive extremely valuable technical experience and guidance that I will carry with me through my early professional career. From completing designated project deliverables to collaborating with other highly motivated peers and mentors, I felt a true sense of belonging and accomplishment through this internship experience. The environment at a startup was something I had wanted to explore and learn about, and this opportunity fulfilled that desire just as I had hoped. I also wanted to experience what it was like to work on projects with managed timelines and expectations, and as I was working through some of them I began to take initiative and become more confident in my abilities.” 

– Dzineon Gyaltsen ’24 | Pression

By Hailey Park
Hailey Park Technology Intern, Website