Political Science Alumni Career Panel. Hosted by Political Science department and Career Services. Alums shared their career paths and insights, offering valuable advice for students.

No Path is StraightEmbrace Your Curiosity

  • Be curious and engage in discussions with fellow students, professors and staff to explore engaging topics in-depth.
  • Take courses that interest you – even in departments other than your major
    • One of the panelists mentioned how they changed from Biology to Poli Sci late in college – they followed their true passion
  • Seek out opportunities to learn outside the classroom – get involved on and off campus such as experiences with the Lang Center
  • Students do not need to go straight to or even to Law School. Try fellowships, explore other advanced degrees, and jobs that follow your interests
  • Step outside your comfort zone ~ A fear of failure shouldn’t prevent you from trying something new
  • Get experience during your summers with internships and research
  • Take advantage of Swarthmore’s resources such as special events and speakers on topics that interest you 

Swarthmore Prepares You for Your Next Steps

  • Swarthmore prepares you for many things in your career including critical thinking, analytical skills, writing and problem solving.
  • Find Mentors such as professors to help guide you, stay connected with them.
  • Connect with alums who are doing what you think you want to do. Ask for their advice and guidance. Use LinkedIn or Alumni Database to find them.
  • Make use of Career Services, attend workshops and events, meet with their staff.
  • Apply to all sorts of opportunities even those that seem out of reach – you can do this!
  • Don’t be afraid to change career paths. If you don’t find it rewarding, challenge yourself to find something new.

Panelists encouraged students to reach out to them on Linkedin or contact Christina Dahl cdahl1@swarthmore.edu in the Political Science department for their emails.

-Arianna Freeman ’01 – US Court of Appeals; US Circuit Judge, appointed by Biden

-Emily Zackin ’02 John Hopkins University; Professor of Political Science

-Hansi Lo Wang ’09 NPR; Correspondent, Washington Desk

-David Pipkin ’18 Princeton University; PhD Student

By Jennifer Barrington
Jennifer Barrington Associate Director, Career Education