International Languages + ANY Career = Success: Alumni Career Panel

Alums shared insights and advice on how their language skills advanced their careers while opening exciting opportunities in Tech, Law, Medicine and Gaming! 

  • Ammar Dohudwala ’14 (Spanish) – MD, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics 
  • Joelle Hageboutros ’16 (French) – Lawyer, International and NYC
  • Jackson Pietsch ’13 (Japanese) – Video game language localization and translation
  • Caleb Shetland ’02 (Chinese) – Computer Engineer in Taiwan and Astera Labs in CA

Valuable Insights from our Alums:

Have No Fear of Failure! -Learning a new language requires one to be humble. We start from knowing nothing then build a scaffolding to increase our skills.
Let go of Identity – Never pictured yourself speaking Arabic or Mandarin? Embrace the idea that you can be fluent in another language. Picture your future self translating court documents or giving a lecture in another country and language. You Can Do This!
Being Multi-Lingual Opens Opportunities – Perhaps you just wanted to study another language because you liked it. But now you’ve found your niche serving a population you rarely encounter such as immigrants or minorities needing your services.

Watch the Alumni Panel Discussion

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By Jennifer Barrington
Jennifer Barrington Associate Director, Career Education