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Casual Fridays with JM Search

This week’s Casual Fridays features JM Search – the leading retained executive search firm for private equity and other growth oriented private and public organizations. With over 40 years experience, JM Search partners are immersed in their clients’ search every step of the way. JM Search experts understand the unique needs of companies at every stage of ownership. They are deeply connected to industries and sectors. Their expertise stems from being a team composed of former C-level execs that know how to assess top talent.

For the interview, we are joined by Meggie Luke, Talent Acquisition Specialist at JM Search. 

Kelly Dougherty: Hi Meggie. Thanks for joining us. Tell us a little about you and JM Search.

Meggie Luke: Sure! My name is Meggie Luke and I am a Talent Acquisition Specialist at JM Search. JM has been a really great place to start building your career. You will get exposure to new industries and high level executives. Our senior employees really invest in developing our more junior staff, you will have more support and growth opportunities than you know what to do with!

KD: Wow that sounds awesome. What has been your favorite part about working at JM?

ML: The people!!!

KD: How do you think Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are reflected in practices at JM?

ML: Diversity and Inclusion are two of our six core values. We have started a DEI pilot workshop that has been going very well and will be rolled out to the entire firm later in 2024. We have a formal mentorship program where employees have the opportunity to build relationships with other folks to help them reach their developmental goals for the year.

KD: Tell me a little bit about the positions you are hiring for. 

ML: We’re currently hiring for a Market Analyst position (full-time) as well as a Market Analyst Internship position

KD: What is the recruiting timeline like for these positions? And what students can apply?

ML: We recruit year round for the Market Analyst role, and this is open to graduating seniors. The intern role recruiting cycle takes place between March – May. Internship positions are open to all class years.

KD: This is great information. Where can students learn more?
ML: Feel free to contact me, Meggie Luke –


By Kelly Dougherty
Kelly Dougherty Assistant Director, Employer Relations