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Casual Fridays with Putnam

Featuring Swarthmore Alumni, Sam Winickoff (’23)

This week we are happy to bring you an interview with Swat Alum, Sam Winickoff (‘23), who currently is working at Putnam Inizio Advisory. 

Putnam – a trusted industry partner for life science consulting – helps the global life science community make confident decisions, build value, and bring life-changing innovations to clinicians and patients. Known for their rigorous, bespoke approach and globally diverse team, they have delivered unrivaled depth across therapeutic areas, business functions, geographic markets, healthcare sectors, and technology platforms for over 30 years.

Putnam believes in a collaborative and supportive culture that reflects the collective efforts of all their team members, from emerging leaders to experienced consultants. With an exclusive focus on life sciences and long-term client relationships, Putnam provides an opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge of a dynamic industry for their employees.

Kelly Dougherty: Thanks for joining us, Sam and Welcome back to Swarthmore! Tell us a little bit about what you are up to now.

Sam Winickoff: Hi. I’m Sam Winickoff, class of 2023, and I am currently working as an Associate Consultant at Putnam.

KD: What has been the best part about working at Putnam for you so far?

SW: The best part about working at Putnam is the people I work with. I have developed many friendly mentoring relationships, working with people who are excellent at what they do and willing to help me learn and grow. 

KD: That sounds like a really awesome and supportive environment for employees. What can you tell us about how DEI is represented and supported at Putnam?

SW: Putnam has a clear commitment to DEI in the workplace, with several affinity groups and initiatives. To provide one concrete example, we recently attended/sponsored Out 4 Undergrad business conference, focused on mentoring and recruiting opportunities for LGBTQ+ undergraduates. While no workplace is perfect when it comes to DEI, I find Putnam to generally be a place where difference is celebrated and respected.

KD: What is one takeaway that you want Swarthmore students to know about Putnam?

SW: Putnam looks to hire people from a variety of backgrounds who have an interest in solving a diverse set of complex problems in the life sciences. There are plenty of opportunities for training and mentorship to support rapid skill growth and a fast upward career trajectory.

KD: Can you tell us a little about the recruiting timeline and types of positions available at Putnam?

SW: We are not actively recruiting at the moment, but applications will be open late summer/early fall for both full-time (associate) and internship (summer associate) roles. The recruiting cycle is typically a rolling process and available until the positions are filled.

KD: That’s great to know. And what class years are eligible for these positions?

SW: The Summer Associate Internship  is open to rising seniors (apply fall of your junior year). Full time Associate Consultant positions are available for post-graduation (apply summer/fall of senior year)

We so appreciate having Sam chat with us to give us some brief insight into life at Putnam. Want to learn more about Putnam? Sam, along with a group of Associates at Putnam, will be offering an info session coming up on April 8th. Register on Handshake today!

By Kelly Dougherty
Kelly Dougherty Assistant Director, Employer Relations