How to Find Your People on SwatLink

Once you set up your profile and have identified what you potentially want to support with, another core feature of SwatLink is the ability to search for alumni and other peers. There are currently over 300 alumni who come from all sorts of backgrounds who are volunteering to connect and chat with you by joining SwatLink.

The platform has various filters that allow you to narrow down your search on alumni that have similar interests or can help with certain topics. You can find them under the “Connect” section by going to the “Community” tab.

The navigation tabs in SwatLink showing the sections under the "Connect" tab.

Finding Alumni that Meet Your Interests

Once you make your way there, you will notice that SwatLink automatically highlights alumni or staff profiles based upon shared interests, experiences, or help topics (read more about the importance of setting up your profile!) Take a look at these folks and see if you might be interested in connecting with them. 

With a variety of helpful filters available, you can more easily find alumni with the unique perspectives and experiences best suited to offer you advice.  These filters will help you narrow down alumni of similar interests or those that can adequately help you with your questions Feel free to filter by any of the following criteria::

  • Industries
  • Topics (see example of topics below)
List of help topics on SwatLink.
  • Degree types
  • Hobbies
  • Job Functions
  • Location
  • Major(s)
  • Company/Organization
By Andres Perez Correa
Andres Perez Correa Marketing & Engagement Coordinator