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Casual Fridays with Pinnacle 21 by Certara

Pinnacle 21 is a startup that has been making a huge impact on the regulatory review process. Their flagship software provides the biopharmaceutical industry with the key to fast, efficient drug review process. They are a certified “Great Place to Work,” and are always looking for new, motivated team members to join the team. In October 2021, Pinnacle’s achievements in health authorities and industry customers led to the acquisition of P21 by Certara, a global leader in biosimulation. As a leader in biopharmaceutical data fitness, P21 joined Cetara to tighten the link between clean data and informed analysis. Both companies empower customers to collect, validate, and analyze data to inform critical decisions in drug development and achieve regulatory success.

Today we’re joined by Liam Munley of Pinnacle 21 by Certara.

Kelly Dougherty: Hey Liam! Thanks for joining us today. Why don’t you introduce yourself?

Liam Munley: Hi! I’m Liam Munley and I work as a Product Operations Manager for Pinnacle 21 by Certara.

KD: Thanks for joining us Liam. Can you tell us a little bit about what is going on at Pinnacle 21 by Certara? What do you want our students to know?

LM: We’re making huge advancements on drug development, clinical trials, and life sciences, in general, on a team small enough to see and feel the impacts of your hard work. We have a ton of building to do to achieve our goals and push forward upon the mission of modernizing clinical trials through technology and need motivated team members to help drive those efforts.

KD: Our your positions open to students in a certain class year? And what does recruiting look like?

LM: All of our full-time positions are for seniors, intern positions are for freshmen to juniors, and part-time testing opportunities are specific to freshmen and sophomores. We typically recruit as positions become available, but we are always pipelining through recruiting events, referral candidates, and passive job postings. Recruiting usually happens most heavily in January as we are closing out the budget from the previous year, and also around late Spring when the budget becomes fully available for hire.

KD: Are you hiring for any positions currently?

LM: Currently we have a Senior Software Engineer position available 

KD: What’s been the best part about working at Pinnacle 21 by Certara for you?

LM: The team and people you have the opportunity to learn from. We build our teams proportionally and distribute work effectively to ensure that there is access to mentorship at every level and those leaders have the time and ability to provide it.

KD: Thanks for sharing all this with us, Liam. Are you the best person for students to contact if they have follow up questions?

LM: Yep! Liam Munley –


By Kelly Dougherty
Kelly Dougherty Assistant Director, Employer Relations