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Driving Measurable, Sustainable Change

In any industry, successfully driving measurable, sustainable change is a challenge. In this course, Dr. Richard Chua shows managers how to measure and drive change by establishing the right metrics, leveraging processes capable of supporting the desired change, and transforming mindsets and behaviors. Dr. Chua shares a model for driving sustainable change and explains how to use it to enable, empower, and encourage change in an organization. He covers how to use metrics to drive sustainable change, as well as recognize how customer focus can be incorporated into metrics to drive desired outcomes. Plus, he details how to empower change and provide authority and control using control plans and standard operating procedures to operationalize employee empowerment. Finally, he emphasizes the need to align metrics, rewards, and performance appraisals to encourage and reinforce the change in mindsets and desired behavior outcomes. Upon wrapping up this course, Dr. Chua provides a checklist so that you can conduct a gap analysis to better equip you to drive measurable, sustainable change.

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