Parrish Hall on the campus of Swarthmore College on Monday, Nov. 9, 2020, in Swarthmore, Pa. (Laurence Kesterson / staff photographer)

Swarthmore students are self-starters, actively seeking opportunities to help them grow and develop. They initiate programs and activities that not only enrich our campus, but also their working environments. What are you getting when you hire a Swattie?: critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, public speaking, intercultural fluency, strong work ethic, and adaptability.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Swarthmore is host to students from every state and over 60 countries.

Students of color make up 40% of our campus community

Through advocacy and activism, our students are passionate about world issues and making a difference in their communities

Campus Engagement

50% of Swarthmore students engage in some form of Community Service developing leadership skills and the ability to contribute effectively to a team

We have 22 varsity sports competing at NCAA Division III level

About 30% of students participate in international and domestic exchange programs including study abroad


More than 40% of students engage in internships with businesses, nonprofit, and government employers

About 50% of students participate in research projects through various academic departments

Most of our students participate in our Extern Program at least once in their four years here, providing them with additional professional experience