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Planning Your Career and Your Life

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Determining what you want for yourself, both professionally and personally, is an ongoing challenge. This course was designed to help you find your way. Instructor Chris Croft provides a roadmap for anyone trying to solve the interrelated challenges of career and life planning. Chris shares tips for figuring out your ideal career, discussing work-life balance, the pros and cons of being self-employed and starting your own business, and the choice between taking risky jobs and settling for safe jobs that don’t excite you. Then, he covers how to find your ideal job by narrowing down both the type of job and the subject area. Chris also addresses finding your life purpose—the sweet spot where you ideally do something you are good at and enjoy. This course is aimed at people who are starting out in life, those who are unhappy with where they are, and those who want to think longer term about where their life is going.

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